Thursday, November 6, 2014

TLC Workshops: Expressive Sculpture and Maquettes with Tim Bruckner

Be like Bruck! Tim is teaching a class on sculpting, which is like a book but better!

Expressive Sculpture and Maquettes with Tim Bruckner
Fri-Sun, May 8-10
$580 (includes materials fee)

Renowned sculptor, Tim Bruckner
shares the process of creating a 1/2 life size portrait focusing on
character and expression - ideal for illustrators, animators and
sculptors alike. This workshop is sponsored in part by the Chavant Clay Company, providing clay, tools and supplies.

Day #1 will cover building a reliable armature, handling clay, and getting the basic structure of the head established.

Day #2 covers sculpting techniques, tool manipulation, creating form,
shaping and imbuing the character with feeling. We will focus on telling
your character's story by sculpting a defined, readable expression.

On Day #3 clay work will be completed. We will discuss molding and casting
methods for expanded projects. We'll photograph our completed sculpture
under different lighting conditions and angles and then translate this
information to sketches using our maquettes.

Experience level: all.
Medium: Chavant clay.
Limit: 14 students.

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